kirsten makes tattoos

Better late than never: it’s Harry Potter’s birthday and I am doing one-offs with @alicerules all day at @wonderlandpdx! If you want to claim one you can come in and get it - I’m here till 6! @sickradsean will be here doing fucking rad HP rad flash with us all day too. Come on over guys! Thestral skull and elder branch (elder wand components), Ms. Rowena Ravenclaw, sage and mallowsweet for centaur stargazing, and a little Felix Felicis for luck.


I am going to be tattooing at the convention 3-5 October in Nantes, France! I have some spots left, so please get in touch with me at ASAP if you’d like to book something. I can’t book through tumblr asks because I don’t have records of our conversation that way!

I will also almost certainly be tattooing a day or two in Berlin, so let me know if you’d like an appointment there.

I’m excited to see you again, Europe!

I did this snake and roses in one shot on my super tough, super talented friend Candace. She is leaving us for California, and we will all miss her. The arm of things was done by mainly myself and Alena Chun of Icon Tattoo and I just like how it looks and how our tattoos look together! I did the Eames lounger, the peacock feather, the barely-visible ditch flower and rose with light bulb, and the kite; Alena did the shouldercap, the hazelnuts and the horseshoe!

Alena is also on tumblr here!

My friend and long-distance mentor Joey Ortega from ATX had a last minute cancelation this week for his guest spot at Scapegoat Tattoo here in Portland! Seriously take advantage of this and get something cool, y’all. Email him at for a spot on the 29th!

Compass, magnolias and anemone flowers for Lauren! So glad you made it here!

traditional mermaid with muted pastels. seriously, such a fun project. thanks so so much Shena!

hey tumblr, here is a photo of my cousin’s butt and a snowflake we put right under it. we started it almost a year and a half ago and just finished it in time for her to move to southern california! i’ll miss you, karl, you’re my fave <3

Dani came from BC to get both of these today! Thanks so much, lady, these tattoos were SO fun to do. Nuthatch with ponderosa pine and a sprig of rosemary. 

pretty garden rose, peony, sweet pea, honeysuckle and pitcher plant blossom bouquet for Chelsea! so lovely as always to tattoo you and hang out with you, girl.


Just a few more weeks until the lovely and talented Annie Alonzi joins us for a guest spot at Wonderland! She still has some availability August 3-5, so get at her while you can!

Contact her at if you want to get an awesome tattoo from a traveling artist, and feel free to share, Portlanders.

So psyched to see Annie at the shop in a few weeks! Contact her if you want a rad tattoo from a rad lady.