kirsten makes tattoos

And now for something completely different: Tibetan ornamental skull with a drum head and drum mallets. Thanks Brian! This was fun and challenging!

The tiniest potato plant for Fiona! Based on a story by Louis Sachar about a tattoo of a potato on an ankle. This was so fun!
This pretty lady is up for grabs tomorrow at 11am. Email me at if you want to claim her! (at Wonderland Tattoos LLC)
Started this pretty tattoo of British robins and Joseph’s coat roses for Krystal! So excited to finish it. Super in progress. Psyched!

allfracturedandoutlines said: What shop do you work out of? I love your style!

Wonderland Tattoo, Portland, OR! Thanks!

Sorry for the double post but I’m too psyched to wait… and now for something completely different: THE MOST FUN tall ship on my friend Chase! SO FUN SO FUN SO FUN

Mt. Rainier, compass rose, freesia, waxflower and silver dollar eucalyptus. Thanks Meghan!

Cuttlefish scientific illustration on Taryn, who is moving away and will no longer be in Portland to play cribbage with me! Safe travels, lady, you will be missed.

Floral bouquet for Emily! Thanks for driving and driving and then sitting and sitting and sitting! This was so fun. Wild roses, California poppies, forget-me-nots, sweet peas.

Started this fox on Zach! Very in progress. Color soon! Super excited about it!