kirsten makes tattoos

Compass, magnolias and anemone flowers for Lauren! So glad you made it here!

traditional mermaid with muted pastels. seriously, such a fun project. thanks so so much Shena!

hey tumblr, here is a photo of my cousin’s butt and a snowflake we put right under it. we started it almost a year and a half ago and just finished it in time for her to move to southern california! i’ll miss you, karl, you’re my fave <3

Dani came from BC to get both of these today! Thanks so much, lady, these tattoos were SO fun to do. Nuthatch with ponderosa pine and a sprig of rosemary. 

pretty garden rose, peony, sweet pea, honeysuckle and pitcher plant blossom bouquet for Chelsea! so lovely as always to tattoo you and hang out with you, girl.


Just a few more weeks until the lovely and talented Annie Alonzi joins us for a guest spot at Wonderland! She still has some availability August 3-5, so get at her while you can!

Contact her at if you want to get an awesome tattoo from a traveling artist, and feel free to share, Portlanders.

So psyched to see Annie at the shop in a few weeks! Contact her if you want a rad tattoo from a rad lady.

Cute stippled fawn for Jia right under a gorgeous Erik Jacobsen piece! Thanks so much for letting me tattoo you, lady!

Tricky coverup of an old tattoo for Virginia! Pretty black and true grey roses to get rid of the old one. Actually posting a before photo for once because I’m psyched with how it came out! Thanks so much, lady!

Here’s the bouquet I had up for grabs last night - slight coverup, super wrappy, really happy with it! Dahlia, Siberian wallflower, mountain garland, Bush’s poppy mallow (all flowers growing in nice peoples’ yards in my neighborhood in Portland). Thanks for snagging this, Michaela!

Anatomical heart and florals for Kelly. Really enjoying this one! So excited to put color in next month!