kirsten makes tattoos

custom tattoos at wonderland tattoo, portland, oregon

Joseph’s Coat roses and British robins for Krystal. This was her first tattoo! Thanks for being SUCH a champ, lady! Such a pleasure to do.

Healed photos of Toni’s Twin Peaks tattoo. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This was really, really a pleasure to do; anyone who knows me knows how much I love Twin Peaks!

On a short hometown vacay and not tattooing. Here’s a progress shot of a tattoo I started before I left, and the airstream I’m renting for a few days in Austin!

Rose and gardenias for Brianne. Color in January! Thanks lady! Super excited to finish this.

Lacy, thank you so much for being so tough and sitting for this whole tattoo at once! Holy cow!

Balsamroot, desert paintbrush, nootka rose, maidenhair fern, bleeding heart, rose hips, globemallow, salal. From all the places she’s lived! This was so, so fun. Thanks so much!

i-said-goddamn said: Do you have an Instagram?

Yes! It’s @onholliday! Thanks 😁❤️

Fox and foliage for Zach. Thanks man, this was super fun!

And now for something completely different: Tibetan ornamental skull with a drum head and drum mallets. Thanks Brian! This was fun and challenging!

The tiniest potato plant for Fiona! Based on a story by Louis Sachar about a tattoo of a potato on an ankle. This was so fun!
This pretty lady is up for grabs tomorrow at 11am. Email me at if you want to claim her! (at Wonderland Tattoos LLC)